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Site Work

By assigning Les Paysages VerduRoy to carry out your landscaping plan, you will benefit from our professional landscaping services. This service only offered to our clients for whom we have established an initial plan. By calling on the designer of your plan to carry out the site work, you are sure to obtain a result that corresponds exactly to the initial plan.

Paysages VerduRoy provides its clients with a complete A to Z service. Our competent and fully qualified team members ensure that your plan is carried out to the highest standards. Over the years, we have acquired various types of site equipment to make work easier while maintaining the highest standards. Our site teams are sometimes assisted by sub-contractors whose competence and work-skills are guaranteed.

Les Paysages VerduRoy guarantee that work on your site will be carried out to the highest standards. That is why we provide a 3-year guarantee for all paving work, walls and fish ponds. The after sales service is also of utmost importance to our site teams. All demands and questions are dealt with rapidly once the site is completed, whether it is just a few days or even several years later.