Les paysages Verduroy

Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is the art of studying and then arranging or re-arranging our landscapes. A landscape architect is a professional with a university or college diploma. In Québec, diplomas are granted by Montréal university. Although the profession is not governed by a professional order, the members of the Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Quebec guarantee a high standard of quality. Les paysages VerduRoy is a member of this association.

The landscape architect draws up the overall architectural plans and also technical drawings. He is also responsible for on site follow-up. He can also be called in as an expert to evaluate legal issues such as damaged trees, acts of vandalism, etc.

But of course his profession is concerned, above all, with designing and landscaping. His experienced eye must take in the overall project in terms of plants, trafic zones, parking, lighting, features and fittings, terraces, accessory buildings, etc..

On each site, the landscape architect ensures that what he has designed blends in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Why choose a landscape architect for your projects??? Simply to ensure that your project meets your demands and is something unique. The finished project will naturally blend in with the existing environment.